This has never happened before!

Millionaire Reveals His Secret to Permanent Wealth

One of the most successful men on the planet opens up his strategy on how he continues to create an abundance of wealth for himself, his family, and anyone who’s ever partnered with him.

It includes his secret way to profit from the lithium and electric car revolution… and his big investment into a tiny silver stock that he believes can potentially make investors a fortune.

He should know, too – the last time investors partnered with him on a silver deal, they could have turned $10,000 into $1.2 million!

Dear Reader,

I am going to invite you into an inner circle that I never dreamed we would ever have access to. It’s going to change both of our lives dramatically, and very well could lead us to permanent wealth.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been researching finance and investments, and I’ve honestly done quite well for myself. I turned a $3,500 real estate investment when I was 18 years old into $173,000 in about 4 years.

By the time I was 30, I had made a small $1,200 investment into a private company that quickly turned into over $549,000 in just 13 months! Today, I continue to pound the table, looking for the best income-producing ideas for myself and subscribers.

And I just closed the most important deal of my life – one that could change your life in a big way!

Never would I have thought I would be writing to you to tell you this great news, but here I am, about to share with you something that you’ll never forget. Let me back up for a moment and reveal to you how we even came to this moment where I believe we can partner to potentially make millions – so much financial prosperity that it can only be described as a permanent wealth opportunity.

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon what is one of the most lucrative sectors in the publicly-traded markets: junior natural resource shares. They’re highly volatile and very risky, but if you could catch an up cycle and find the right company, you could make millions!

"Literally, I’ve seen small investments add one or two commas to my portfolio in the matter of months!"

The problem with this sector is that it is filled with snake oil salesmen – people I call “paper pushers.” Even some good companies that are highly recommended by very reputable analysts and publishers are stuffed full of these professional wolves.

They are almost nearly impossible to weed out, and unless you are a deep insider -- I am talking about a hundred-millionaire type investor -- you don’t even have a chance at being part of the truly one-of-a-kind opportunities that compound your wealth to a state of making enough money in your lifetime for the next 4 generations of your family.

Over the past decade, I have realized that the entire junior resource space, with thousands of companies, comes down to a handful of ultra-successful investors and company builders.

It’s a unique crowd that many of you know by name, but I can assure you that you don’t have the real access that is needed in order to make the maximum profit. For example, when you and I buy shares, we log in or call up our brokerage company to acquire them.

When the deep insiders buy, they write checks directly to the companies.

But it’s not just any companies… a close network in the natural resource market is writing checks to a few specific companies.

Looking at a list of who is taking part in private stock purchases of some of our favorite companies, you’ll see a familiar list of “A”-listers.

Rick Rule recently bought a zinc stock for 50 cents, even though it traded for 65 cents!

Keith Neumeyer invested into a lithium play for 60 cents. At the time, it was trading for over $1…

Last year, Eric Sprott took a stake in a new gold stock for 25 cents prior to it even becoming publicly traded. On its first day of trading, it had a value of nearly 50 cents!

The list of seriously successful investors taking part in these strategic direct share purchases has all the most profitable names…

Euro Pacific Capital, Casey Research, JP Morgan, and legendary investors like Jim Rogers are included.

Getting access to these specialized placements is not easy, and with the right companies, the only ones you truly want to own, they come by invitation only. As the president of a large financial publishing letter with over 150,000 readers, I knew breaking this glass ceiling for everyday investors had to be my sole mission.

I’ve literally spent the last 18 months working to get you, the members of my own family, and close circle of friends not just access to these specialized deals, but a seat at the table. Let me explain; it’s not enough for us to just have the same ability to write a check to the right investments. What we truly need is to be shoulder to shoulder with the type of people that I just mentioned above.

Anyone can track Rick Rule, Keith Neumeyer, and Eric Sprott’s investments, but who gets to stand shoulder to shoulder with these type of super-investors that are deeply embedded into the most profitable sector on earth and actually write a check with them…

I’ve Just Closed the Most Important Deal in the History of Investment Publishing!

On July 24th, 2016, I made a bold move, and effective immediately, the fruits of this labor are yours for the taking! Once you’re done reading this, you’ll fully appreciate that what we are delivering to you, is barrels full of money…

Arriving in Vancouver, Canada the evening before with my wife and 3 small children, we knew that this was our chance to over-deliver to our readers.

At a level where no other publisher has even tried.

At 10:30AM Pacific, I had a scheduled appointment with Mr. Silver, the most influential precious metal mining CEO in North America. He’s responsible for 4,000-plus direct employees and multiples of 1000’s of secondary jobs created by his company’s operations, not including the 10’s of thousands of shareholders he’s responsible to and he’s probably the most respected natural resource CEO on earth!

In the 1990s, he founded a small copper company and helped turn it into a billion-dollar giant. Today, that company continues to be one of the best in the world. During the early 2000s, when precious metals were at the depths of a bear market, he started a new silver company, which quickly became his second billion-dollar company and the purest primary silver producer on the planet!

And during one of the worst bear markets in 4 decades, he launched a new type of gold company that he called a “mineral bank,” making strategic acquisitions and quickly growing the company’s gold resources from ZERO to 14 million ounces of gold and a market capitalization of 500 million, and he’s barely getting started… He was also an early investor into a company that now boasts the world’s largest copper, platinum, and zinc deposits.

His name should be the Google result for
“exceptional investor."

As I walked into his Vancouver office and made my way past the receptionist, I’ll never forget seeing the most beautiful view of the city from his floor-to-ceiling window. The beautiful mahogany door to his office was wide open, and placed about 5 feet up on the center of the door on a platinum-colored name plate was “President & CEO, First Majestic Silver.”

My meeting was with Keith Neumeyer, the most beloved mining executive and hedge fund favorite. Even the Swiss Central bank is a shareholder in his billion-dollar company, which is the purest primary silver producer in the world.

He’s the one mining executive to take on the CFTC in an open letter, calling them out for the outright fraud and manipulation that takes place on a daily basis in the precious metals market.

When billionaire Eric Sprott called on silver mining companies to keep some of their silver back as a cash position, Keith immediately joined forces, and even took it to another level, calling for other CEOs to withhold physical supplies for 30 days to strike back at the paper rigging that has suppressed metal prices.

Sitting down with Keith can be intimidating. He’s the one guy everyone wants to know in the resource sector, and here I was, scheduled to speak with him for 30 minutes to present to him a deal that not a single person on earth would have believed could have come true.

Keith is a great guy. He’s very charming and charismatic – you have to be, to get to where he is today. But what I was about to ask him, in my mind, could have offended him, and I certainly risked getting laughed out of the room.

I’ve had my own success in life, but with Keith, it’s on another level. I mean, let’s be real: not very many people have 9 digits when they calculate their net-worth. It’s safe to say Mr. Neumeyer is living out his life’s passion, because being in his business for the money, well, that was probably 20 years ago. Now, he’s just doing it for the love and thrill of it.

As his assistant closed the door, Keith had asked for me to give him a moment, as he turned around to face his computer that was to the right side of him, next to the window. I couldn’t help but look over his shoulder, wanting to capture as many symbols in my head as possible, asking myself “What does Keith own, and what is he buying and selling right now?”

While he conducted some business, he turned and hit the intercom button,

“Krista, can you bring Daniel and I over some of my favorite tequila.”

Did I hear that right? Did he say tequila…? He sure did, and as he turned around to ask me what he could do for me today, I couldn’t help but fully take this moment in, so I joked with him.

“So this is how hundred-millionaires and billionaire do deals… while taking shots of tequila…” To which he quickly replied,

“You sip this tequila. It’s a very good quality, plus you have sweat coming down your forehead, and I figured you needed something to relax you, to help you say whatever it is you have to tell me today.”

My proposal was bold, yet simple, but I needed Keith to understand why I needed him on board. For years, I’ve witnessed honest, hardworking Americans try and invest their money in the natural resource sector, only to get burned. And now, we are in what will probably be the best bull market of any, and the little guy is missing out because he simply doesn’t know what to do or who to trust.

Let’s face it: all newsletter writers, brokers, analysts, and publishers have a conflict of interest. The fact is that behind every stock recommendation is a business that earns a living from making those very suggestions.

There is nothing sinister about this, of course. I, myself, am one of those newsletter writers. Everyone from your CNBC analyst to your broker is earning a living from making stock picks. Some receive an outright check, others a commission, a fee, paid subscriptions, it doesn’t matter. The entire industry is built on human bias.

This is why when I decided to launch a member-only subscription-based letter, I knew right away that if I did this, I didn’t want to be the person making a single stock pick. What I desired was to bring investors into that inner circle, a seat at the table with the giants and legends of the most profitable industry in the public markets.

It would be more than a stock suggestion; it’d be a partnership with the deep insiders of the industry.

Resource stocks are highly cyclical, but if you can get in on the right companies early on, you can literally make a fortune. I’ve been lucky to experience this, making enough money from my investments to where my wife and I could retire in our 30s if we desired.

A single stock in the junior resource space, in the matter of a month, made more money that I had made from age 18 to 34, so I know how powerful these tiny, small-cap companies can be for an individual’s life. The struggle is if you’re not on the inside, you’re left with pure speculation and an industry flooded with sharks and wolves.

And Keith Neumeyer knew exactly what I was talking about, because sadly, some of the worst people in the natural resource space are the actual people running them, and as a world-class company builder, Keith despises these people.

In fact, Keith would prefer not to invest into anything he doesn’t run or isn’t a sizable shareholder in. This is exactly why I wanted to ask him to allow the little guy in to his world. I wasn’t looking for a stock pick to share with you – I wanted a partner we could invest with.

With the bull market in resource stocks underway, I knew there was some urgency with what I had wanted to accomplish for our members.

Looking at other cycles, we have a good 3 to 5 years to make incredible gains in the sector. With some of the best movers in 2016, I wanted to take us to the next level in 2017, so here is what I proposed that morning to Keith Neumeyer:

  1. To create a partnership for a limited number of investors directly with Keith.
  2. Have full access to his private and public stock purchases at exactly the same time he plans to purchase.
  3. FULL access to the negotiated private stock purchases that Mr. Neumeyer is entering into.
  4. When Keith buys, sells, or does anything related to his select investments, have full disclosure with his investor partners.

What I was proposing to Keith was to be his partner, but not just me – you, too, a limited group of investors who would have full access to doing everything Keith does, exactly when he does it.

Keith’s reply was not bad, but it wasn’t a yes. Here is what he said: “Daniel, it’s an honorable idea to try and get your members into the best investments, and perhaps many deals that aren’t available to most people, however, it won’t work.”

He went on to tell me that over the course of a year, he may only write massive checks to 1, 2, or 3 companies.

Even if it were logistically possible, investors want a stock pick a month, and with me, they’ll never get that…

This is honestly exactly what I wanted to hear, because what I was trying to build was not a stock picking letter with 20 to 30 stocks in a portfolio.

I wanted to partner with the ultimate business builder and insider in the natural resource space – someone who knew everyone from the guys who stake claims to the investors who form the companies. I wanted a real partner for my subscribers.

And I knew we didn’t need 20 stock picks a year, because what we were building wasn’t going to be anything like a traditional newsletter.

I decided to approach Keith with one final point:

“Keith, you know that many investors are going to miss out on the largest gains of the past 40 to 50 years. You’ve said it yourself, this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for commodity investors. You’ve helped create more millionaires than any man I know, so why not do this? If someone wants 10 to 20 stock picks a year, then this partnership with you isn’t for them. The people this is for are the people looking to make 1 to 5 exceptional investments over the next 1 to 2 years directly with you at the earliest possible stage.

As I waited for Keith to comment, I could see that he was now seriously thinking about helping us.

For Keith, a yes or no meant very little in his life would change.

This is a guy who hasn’t needed to make another dime for over a decade… But a yes from him now could radically change the lives of my loyal subscribers, which was why I was determined to make this deal happen!

Rick Rule told me once that he judges a CEO not by the Rolls Royce he drives, but by how many other people are driving a luxury car because of his hard work.

That’s where Keith was in his life. I remember standing next to him in San Francisco in 2010 when we first met. Investor after investor lined up to shake his hand.

I remember hearing stories of college tuition being paid in full, mortgages being eliminated, and grand vacations his investors had been enjoying due to Keith’s hard work.

I’ll never forget what came out of Keith’s mouth next…

“I’ll do it on one condition: I have 100% control.”

Keith went on to make it very clear to me what he thought he could achieve for investors, and by the time he and I were done with our tequila, he had laid out his own personal 2-year plan to profit from the new natural resource market. He told me right then and there that his strategy was to create a permanent wealth opportunity for anyone who partnered with him.

Immediate “Insider” Access With Keith Neumeyer

For the past 5 months, I’ve been working with Keith on the launch of this new partnership.

And as you can imagine, Mr. Neumeyer likes to make sure this is extremely profitable for all involved. While I’ve been working on the nuts and bolts of building an insider access area for you, Keith has been out negotiating deals on our behalf.

Here is what the new Keith Neumeyer Permanent Wealth Partners area will offer you in 2017.

A marijuana company -- that isn’t even public -- will be amongst the first strategic partnerships Keith wants to enter into with you. It’s been a deal he’s been working on for the past 3 years!

As you can expect with Keith, it’s going to be an extraordinary opportunity, and you’ll be the first to see it. And for any partner who is an accredited investor, you’ll also have the chance to make a direct private stock purchase into the company.

Keith is in final stages of negotiating a new opportunity in a zinc company – one that will quickly become a significant player in the space.

Mr. Neumeyer has truly set us up for a big win here by demanding the company not only include his partners, but give them access to a specialized round that is normally reserved for hedge funds and large institutions.

Partners will also have the ability to make a strategic investment into a new nanotechnology company that Keith Neumeyer is already a large shareholder in.

It’s one that has probably the most famous deal maker in the clean energy markets as its Chairman.

Here are the details for Keith’s first Partner Deal:

As the founder and CEO of First Majestic Silver, Keith is probably the most talked about silver executive in the world, which is why the first deal he has struck is with a NEW silver exploration and acquisition company. Inside Permanent Wealth’s first report is Keith’s strategy on how to acquire shares to a new silver company with him on the public markets during a time of scheduled weakness in the stock.

That’s right; Keith, a disciplined value investor, wants us to get the best price, and he’s revealed to us that between January 23rd and the 30th, we’ll be able to pick up shares for a very attractive price.

If you are an accredited investor, Keith has also negotiated a special price for you, a private stock purchase where you’ll write a check directly into the company alongside him. As a profit sweetener, he’s also negotiated a half warrant for every share you purchase, so you’ll not only be buying shares at below the market price, you will also have the option to buy more at a locked-in price.

You’re Going to Invest with Keith Neumeyer

He’s vetting the deals, writing checks with you, and offering you the chance to invest directly with him in the natural resource market. To begin a real partnership and to position yourself to profit in the junior natural resource space, click here.